A small update, I ditched ActivityPub on December 1st 2022. It is been overrun by a lot of Twitter folks. People are hardly able to keep up reading toots and hardly reply. Once they hate it and stop using it their accounts will still be trying to connect to others.

Former IT guy ( Linux, Oracle, Unix ). Born and raised in the Netherlands, moved to Germany in 2008 together with my wife and our youngest. We are enjoying the friendly people in the Grafshaft Bentheim. Currently I am not working anymore due to getting Cancer. Palliative yes, but as long as the doc smiles at the results or does not look to unhappy I seem to be ok. After five years of treatment I stopped worrying, when the time comes it will come. Do not let that hold you back, in general I like to talk to people

I post in Dutch, English and German. If that bothers you then simply use the Hubzilla user filter to simply block lang=xx where xx is nl, de or en.

Some wiki items I am working on:

In the past I worked on Open Source projects.

For Spamikaze, a passive spamtrap, I wrote the first version together with some other folks.
I was asked to give a talk about it on a Unix event. Was expecting to have an audience of some 50 to 60 people (was used to that) and ended up talking in front of 2000 people (total disaster imho).

As a member for the Dutch Linux User Group I wrote a php web application where book reviews where posted. Although we did have an agreement with publishers we told them those reviews where to be independent.


Although I used and liked Linux a lot it is time to let systemd pass my experience. I installed GhostBSD a while ago and only have Debian available for software that does run on bsd, this far only one app that crashes (java). More like the old (better) days. Loved Linux and it was part of my daytime job for a long time but it goes where nobody wants it to be. Thanks for all the fish guys, I am happy without it

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